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27 July–2 August: Traditional Chinese Medicine Week, Royal College of Medicine, London
This is the first Traditional Chinese Medicine exhibition and conference to be held in the UK. The event's goal is to create a greater understanding of the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine and to promote medical cooperation between China and the UK, thus allowing British people to understand the benefits of TCM and how to make it part of their daily lives. The exhibition will take the visitor on a journey from the origins of TCM, more than 2,000 years ago in ancient China, to TCM as a modern science both in China and internationally. For more information, click here



The Battle for China
The Battle for China is a one day satellite conference of the Battle of Ideas festival that discusses key topics including: Is fast-growing China a threat to global peace? Should we celebrate or fear China's unprecedented growth? Organised by the Institute of Ideas in association with CHINA NOW and leading international legal practice Norton Rose LLP.
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Neon by He An, Birmingham
As part of CHINA NOW, Ikon Offsite presents a major new commission by Chinese artist, He An, from 10 July – 14 September 2012in Birmingham. The artwork, a huge 180 foot long white neon sign, entitled: 'I talked to Ah Chang on the way to work. After work I ended the relationship. I stood in Paradise Circus and cried for hours...' sits on top of Moor Street car park facing the iconic Selfridges building and looking outwards across the city. Illuminated by night, viewers can enjoy vistas of the artwork from many points across central Birmingham including the Chinese Quarter, Bullring and from commuter trains into and out of the city. For further information, click here.


Quick Guide to the Regions of China

Select a region of China from the pop-up menu below to find details of the area's location, size, population, flight time from Beijing, administrative status, regional capital and travel plumber ealing highlights.


Taste of China
For the first time in its history, Taste of London will be celebrating international cuisine as Taste of China comes to the festival.

Fans of Chinese cuisine will be able to indulge in a culinary journey through the different regions and culinary delights of China. From the fiery heat of chillies in Sichuanese food to the subtlety and delicacy of Cantonese food, you'll be able to sample it all. Taste of China will also include a demonstration area sponsored by Amoy, with cooking presentations from chefs at Beijing's South Beauty restaurant, and London's Kai, Snazz Sichuan and China Tang's restaurants. Harbin will provide authentic Chinese beer to wash it all down with, whilst Chinese dragon dances, live ice-carving, acrobatic Shaolin monks and Tai Chi demonstrations will provide entertainment.



Results of the 2012 London Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival
Congratulations to everyone who competed, supported their teams or manned the stalls at the London Dragon Boat Festival on Sunday. And thanks to Stephen Green for sponsoring the CHINA NOW and HSBC boats.

For anyone interested in the specifics, the race times for our heats were as follows;

1 min 24.76 secs
1 min 15.28 secs
1 min 15.91 secs

1 min 21.82 secs
1 min 16.11 secs
1 min 16.27 secs

HSBC DRAGONS won two of their races and came third out of eight crews in the Banks invitational race. SMOKIN' DRAGONS came second in two of their races, narrowly being pipped to a first place position by the club teams.

The 8 teams with the fastest heat times qualified for the final. SMOKIN' DRAGONS were the 7th fastest team, and HSBC DRAGONS narrowly missed out on a place within the final 8.

The final saw the SMOKIN' DRAGONS deliver their fastest time of the day coming 7th with a time or 1 min 14.49 secs. The winners, Neumann Magic won with a time of 1min 10.56 secs. For 8 teams to share a 3 second difference between first & last place… talk about a close finish!

We also made the ITV Local News. Click here to check out one of the Smokin' Dragons being interviewed.












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