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Chinatowns all over the UK

Welcome to the online ChinaTown: Here you will be able to find all of the following:
chinatown restaurants, o'neills reviews, golden dragon menus, the mayflower in chinatown (London) even the chinatown ymca and movie theatre

Chinatown Online is a comprehensive guide to China and all things Chinese in the UK. Covers Chinese food, culture and business together with education listings and teaching & martial arts resources, fun activities, information for travellers, and traditional Chinese medicine. Also includes a unique street level guide to regional Chinatowns in Britain, comprehensive listings of Chinese businesses and shops and Qing Lung Online Chinese shopping centre.

Welcome to the Discovering Exotic England website. Our site exists in order to provide the interested with all the resources, information and related links available on the internet regarding Discovering Exotic England. For most people, when they think about England, they think about the royal family, the endless fields, the charming country pubs and cottages, and of course, the dynamic capital city, London.

Of course no discussion of England is complete without mentioning our weather, so much so that any planned visit necessitates a quick browse through the new first, but that is another story entirely.

What a lot of people don’t expect to find when they come, and are always overjoyed and amazed to discover, is just how rich and thriving our melting pot of a culture is.

Chinese England is the place to come to taste a little bit of the whole world, but with an overwhelmingly English flavour, and the delights of Chinatown sum this up better than anywhere else in the country.

Background business information for conducting business in China. An economic fact file is available for each of China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and a dedicated economic and business profile is available for China.

So why not decide to visit London, and while you are here get a taste of The London Look Lifestyle and all of the wonders of the orient while you are here! In fact, why not come and visit in style, perhaps by deciding to charter a private jet to get you here, and make your whole trip, from the flight in to the flight out, one whole taste of the new and exotic.

About Chinatown London

See our about the company page. Chinatown London is based in the UK. Looking for somewhere to eat, try our restaurant guide

Exciting guide to London's Chinatown bristling with features on cuisine, culture and the local community. If this taste of the Orient whets your appetite then there are travel links for those wanting to broaden their horizons further.info@chinatown-online.co.uk

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